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Remote learning for your school

Learning doesn’t have to stop because you can’t be there in person. Set up a seamless virtual learning experience for your teachers and students, even when they’re miles apart.

Online secondary school in Nigeria.

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Virtual Classrooms

remote class online learning primary secondary school nigeria

LMS tools provide an online classroom environment to share notes, schedule and conduct classes from wherever you or your students might be. We get you started with one that matches your unique needs.

Assesments & Reports

exams online learning primary secondary school nigeria

Knowing how students perform will help you make better decisions about teaching methods and materials. We provide you with easy tools to conduct tests, quizzes and analyse student performance.

Real-time Collaboration

collaboration online learning primary secondary school nigeria

Education is all about working together. Collaborate on group-work at the same time. Host live classes or meetings. Review work, ask and answer questions, just like in real life!

Teaching Materials

remote class online learning primary secondary school nigeria

Vast library of engaging online content and materials to make learning more effective and interesting. Plus professional training on how to create your own.

What we offer


We help you select & set up the best LMS tools to meet your unique needs


100+ Free learning videos in Maths, English and Basic Science for primary levels


Free PDF lesson materials for secondary students in all the major subjects


Consistent Training & support for your staff – we handle the technical stuff

Choose what works for you

Whether you need a platform that supports blended learning, self-paced learning, or hosting pre-recorded or live classes online, We will find the right one and help you set up in no time.!

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online learning primary secondary school nigeria

Online Secondary school in Nigeria, Virtual Primary school

Stay at home and Teach!

When it comes to learning, we know it’s not just about technology but what it can help you achieve. We design an online learning experience to help you deliver convenient & quality education to students.

Online secondary school in Nigeria.

Professionally curated videos.

 Get a head start with our library of expert-certified teaching materials. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs online learning primary secondary school nigeria

The benefits are numerous. You can teach and learn from anywhere in the world without being face to face, which is especially important during this current global COVID-19 crisis. Online learning has also been proven to improve the effectiveness of student learning as they get to learn at their own pace.

Of course. E-learning is here to stay and has been here for a while. The digital age is like a moving train and it will continue to shape education and how students learn amongst other things. Ensure that your students learn and retain knowledge in the best way possible to give them an edge.

All. We encourage schools of all sizes and curriculums to incorporate e-learning into their operations. The possibilities are endless so you can simply find what works for you.

Everyone who is interested in growth. Educators, Instructors, Teachers, School owners, Administrators, students can all benefit from online learning.

Easy. Simply get in touch with us through our live chat or contact form. We assess your needs and recommend a set of tools that will best serve your e-learning goals. Once you’re satisfied, we then set it up for your school environment and train your teachers on how to use the tool(s). 

Once you have a smart device, internet access, instructor(s) and an amazing attitude, you’re ready to welcome your students to their first remote lesson.

Blended learning is a style of education in which electronic and online lessons are combined with traditional face-to-face teaching for the best results.

Whatever your constraints are, there’s a solution out there for you. You can contact us for more information on the specific tools we can help you set up.

Well, that depends on you. As long as you need our services, we will be available to provide it.

Some solutions offer an offline service on their device and all you need to do is connect to the internet for updates and improvements.

Most schools can find an e-learning program that works for them – with the right guidance, you can identify the right content type and platforms to use for your audience (learners).

About Us

eLearning services in Nigeria

FlexiSAF Edusoft Limited is a Software company that is focused on education. Since its inception in 2010, FlexiSAF has continued to take giants strides in reinventing learning and inspiring people to make lifelong positive impact. Everything we do has you at the epicentre. For us, it’s not about clocking in and clocking out, but about making a difference. This was our goal over a decade ago, and this is our goal now- to provide the BEST teaching and learning experience to educators, students and parents through innovative software and technology.

With the current paradigm shift sadly brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, it was only natural that we provide these services to ensure that learning never stops. We understand that learning is a crucial part of a child’s academic success and we are determined to set the path by leveraging technology and collaborating with like minds to provide a service that’s neither restricted by physical structure nor physical presence. Learn more

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